About me

Hi, I am a UX Designer based in the Netherlands.


I have over 10 years of work experience. My background is mix of Computer Science and User-System Interaction. My work includes a wide range of experience from quality assurance engineering, graphic design, UX design and research, interaction and product design. In the past years, I was working on different design projects (for digital as well as non-digital products) in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams for different companies. This experience strongly enriched my skills and helped me to develop myself as a thinking out of the box UX Designer. In 2017 I achieved my Professional Doctorate in User-System Interaction from Industrial Design department of Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands).


All my work experience helps me to look at the design process from different and broad perspectives. In the design process I really like parts of creating concepts, wireframes and hi-fi prototypes, thoroughly thinking about user flow, going through phases of user and usability testing, and finally preparing specifications and style guides for the development. My background and experience help me to understand the full process and make it easy for me to talk to people involved in each phase. My main professional goal is to design user-friendly products with attention to quality and real human needs. 


I learn by doing and by challenging myself. I have a passion for self-education and self-development. The most favorite quote of mine is:“If you don’t try, you will never know”It means that I am not afraid to try things and activities unfamiliar to me before. I am open-minded and always open to new amazing experience in my life.

* Why the swan? The first part of my surname “lebed” literally means “swan” in Russian :)