Design exercise


(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Design an experience to help banking users

manage their expenses and set achievable saving goals

Design process

I was working on the assignment several days by spending a couple of hours on each day (??? in total)The picture below shows my design process. After the picture, I am presenting everything in details: my way of thinking step-by-step, how I've started, how my design decisions were made and how I came up with the final results.

[PICTURE] Research -> Brainstorming ideas -> Persona (me) -> Wireframing + Prototyping (most probably Balsamiq) -> User validation sessions -> UI Design 

Design statement

Design an experience to help

banking users understand and manage their expenses

(considering factors including totals, possible expense categories and associated transactions)

and also set achievable saving goals

(considering completion periods and notifications).




Goals of the User

Keep track overall spending

Manage expenses:

- totals

- expenses categories

- associated transactions 

Save money

Set achievable saving goals:

- completion periods

- notifications

Individual brainstorming / Features ideas


User flow / User journey


Interactive prototype

To see the interactive prototype please click the button below:

User validation sessions

User Interface screens