Eventix ticketshop


(Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Optimization of design of the mobile ticketshop to increase its conversion rate

​Eventix is a self-service digital ticketing company that provides event organizers with technology that helps them to sell more tickets and to grow their business over time.

The goal of the design project was to optimize the design of the mobile ticketshop by customizing it according to the users’ and organizers’ needs (who organize events) and deliver a style guide.

The process started by performing a benchmarking and competitor analysis and having users test Eventix’ ticketshop, along with some competitors. Users’ feedback helped to specify core features that were missing or could be optimized in the ticketshop. Insights from the users led to several phases of paper prototyping. Then resulting from the paper prototypes, an interactive mobile ticketshop prototype in Axure was created. After prototyping, work on the visual design and on creating the style guide was done. The final design includes the visual design of the screens to demonstrate several flows within the ticketshop on a mobile phone. In addition, a style guide was created to help Eventix build the new ticketshop.

Benchmarking and competitor analysis



Lo-fi paper prototyping

Hi-fi prototyping (Axure)

User testing

User Interface screens

Hi-fi prototyping (InVision)

My contribution: benchmarking and competitor analysis, lo-fi paper prototyping, hi-fi prototyping (Axure and InVision)