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Brand new website for Irischa

Design Studio Irischa

(Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Complete redesign of the website for a fashion designer Irena Matheeuwsen

Irischa is a design brand founded by Irena Matheeuwsen - a fashion designer based in the Netherlands. Irena makes unique design clothes for modern women. 

Our collaboration with Irena has started when Irena needed complete redesign of her old website, and actually her two websites (business one and online shop) combined in one. One of the main requirements was to make a clear structure of the website and make it look simple but modern, by taking care of the website being responsible on mobile devices.

Currently I am still working with Irena in close collaboration. I am responsible to fully maintain her new website running on Wordpress. Also when Irena planning any new events, such as fashion shows or networking events, I am helping her with designs for social sharing.

Web Design

Mobile Design

"Every creative entrepreneur and designer wants to have a website as his 'visit card' and not just a website from trivial templates. It's been a while I was looking for but couldn't find a person who will understand what I need exactly. Luckily I've met Julia, and I saw in her a person who will help me with my website. I really like that she listens to me as a customer, and at the same time she suggests several options from her point of view which are creative and to the point. See is always open to help me. She is a professional in her domain. She is helping me not only with my website, but also with advertising, social medias and giving me advises to renew the things that doesn't work. I'm thankful for Julia's professional approach! I hope for our fruitful collaboration onwards on!"

Irena Matheeuwsen