Robot assisted microsurgery


(Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Concepts idea generation for improvement of the existing prototype of the robot assisted microsurgery

MicroSure is one of the leading companies in the world developing a new microsurgical robot. The system enables surgeons to operate tremor-free, with precision surpassing the limits of human capabilities.


It was a great opportunity to be a part of the design process of the company. The goal of the collaboration was to design and realize a set-up for improved usability of Microsure’s robot in a clinical setting including both mechanical and user interface improvements.

Field study

The work started with the field study and observations of surgeons performed DIEP lap breast reconstructions in the Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht (AZM).

Brainstorming, sketching ideas and testing

Further going through phases included contextual analysis, literature review, competitor analysis, brainstorming, sketching ideas and pilot tests of the robot in a new setup - several ideas for improvements of the existing prototype of the robot were arose.


To achieve an optimal integration in the operation room some solutions were conceived to improve the interface in terms of ergonomics, safety and work space organization. The goal was to adapt the current interface to resemble a more familiar way of working for surgeons.

Presentation for MicroSure

The ideas were presented in the form of sketches and a 3D printed prototype to the whole board of MicroSure that the company will take into account in their future development.

My contribution: field study, concepts sketching, presentation for the company