Optimal Data Analysis System

Océ - a Canon company

(Venlo, the Netherlands)

​User research and design of a working prototype of Optimal Data Analysis System for the VarioPrint i300

Océ - a Canon company is a global leader in digital imaging, industrial printing and collaborative business services. As a Canon Group Company, Océ operates a global network of R&D centers to connect emerging digital print technologies to future markets.

During this project focus of the work was on a software to perform advanced printer diagnostics. User requirements were extracted from several interviews and validated during a co-creation workshop with function designers, data scientists and service engineers from Océ. Mock-ups for a suggested interface were created in forms of lo-fi prototypes and tested with designated engineers. An article about the ODAS project appeared on the July 2016 edition of the magazine "Bits&Chips".

Design an advanced diagnostic system for Function designers & Data scientists, which provides structure, allows sharing and alerts when necessary

Design statement

Work process

User interviews

The system

Co-creation workshop

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

- Abraham Lincoln - 

Lo-fi prototyping (Balsamiq)

Usability testing

"The system that allows you to speak one language"

- Participant - 

My contribution: user research, co-creation workshop facilitator, lo-fi prototyping (Balsamiq), usability testing