Not another tracking App

Philips Research

(Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Design of a walk tracking App based on adaptive weekly goal-setting to optimize physical performance of healthy individuals

Philips Research is a global organization that helps Philips introduce meaningful innovations that improve people’s lives. 

Philips offers a diversified portfolio of health and well-being products and services throughout the health continuum from prenatal care, healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and home care. This design project was a contribution to improving this portfolio with an innovative behavioral change component focused on goal-setting and offer an engaging user experience. 

Goal-setting is an inherent component of Health Behavior Change Applications. Research shows that goals should be challenging and feasible. However, very little insight exists into what the optimal challenge level is for a specific individual and how the goal-setting should be done to lead to optimal performance.

How should the goal-setting process in a health behavior change application (aimed at stimulating physical activity) be designed to lead to optimal performance of the individual?

Problem statement

This design project focused on designing an App with an adaptive goal-setting component for a health behavior change application that focuses on improving physical activity levels. The component is able to learn from the behavior of the user over time and is able to adapt the goal-setting in such a way that optimal performance is stimulated.

Design process

Competitor analysis


Calculating goal recommendations

Flow chart of the goal recommendation algorithm

(based on Supporting Users in Setting Effective Goals in Activity Tracking

Katja Herrmanny, Jürgen Ziegler, and Aysegül Dogangün)

User Interface screens

User testing

"I really like the fact,
that based on my previous performance,
the App suggests me a personal goal.
This would persuade me to use this App."

- Participant - 

My contribution: competitor analysis, hi-fi prototyping (Axure), user testing, demo video, presentation for the company