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XebiaLabs DevOps  Platform


(Hilversum, the Netherlands)

User eXperience design for the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform

XebiaLabs is a company that was founded in the early days of DevOps to help large companies accelerate their software releases with more reliability - no matter how diverse the infrastructure or how complex the processes.


At XebiaLabs, I was working as a UX Designer (temporary contract). I was leading feature design from the beginning to end. I took part in the whole design process of new features in the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform by working in close collaboration with the customer success team, product managers and development teams. My work included facilitating UX workshops, doing research, conducting user surveys, creating wireframes and preparing high-fidelity UI designs.


Among other things, I was responsible for communication with our customers when arranging user validation sessions at the earliest stages of the development process. I drove the XebiaLabs User Panel, a community of XebiaLabs users who have signed up to give us feedback when needed at any development phase.

Facilitating UX workshop

User Interface screens

Providing proper user interface for remote data centers XL Satellites in XL Deploy:

Maintenance mode user interface improvements in XL Deploy:

Script task user interface improvements in XL Release: